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PROCHIND® Monolithic Insulating Joints

Owner of brand and patents from 2002, is a company specialized in manufacturing and supply of monolithic insulating joints PROCHIND® for the cathodic protection of steel pipelines of gas, water, oil, hydrocarbons in general, district heating.

FAP with the acquisition of patents and trademark, is continuing its technological research ensuring the functional characteristics of the first monolithic insulating joint PROCHIND® conceived way back in 1957. The most significant is the adoption of the rectangular shaped seal and insulating gasket (patent owned) suitable to avoid the possible inconveniences of the conventional "O-ring” sealing system.

The wide range of insulating joints in stock and flexibility of the structure, enabling a fast delivery service. The machinery and the latest equipment as well as qualified personnel, guarantee the real "Made in Italy", exported throughout the world.

All stages of production are carried out entirely in the new plant placed in Senna Comasco, near the lake of Como.

prochind 1957

The company PROCHIND has been engaged since the beginning of its activity, in the research and development of insulating joints not subject to the inconvenients and the consequent risks associated with the use of conventional flange joints.

carbon steel pipe
prochind insulating joints welding
prochind monoblock insulating joints assembling
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