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PROCHIND® technology

PROCHIND insulating joints of any type and for any pressure offer the highest design reliability in a working environment because they are:


and subject to thorough quality control.


ie not separated into their constituents, if not destroying them.

The dimensioning of the mechanical parts, the placement of the sealing gasket and its prestressing during assembly, are in measure to guarantee the seal to the fluids transported in the most critical conditions of service and testing.

High total resistance

thanks to the high dielectric characteristics of the insulating materials and to the coating of the inner surface by epoxy paint suitable for the conveyance of gas, and certified for drinking water use according to the DM 174.


in that all the contiguous metal surfaces constituting the joint, are perfectly isolated from each other in such a way as to make almost impossible the emergence of current leakage between them and their external profile under tension for which they are guaranteed.

Factory tested

so as to offer the customer the best warranty.

The electrical insulation between the different metal surfaces is obtained by:

  • rigid rings made of insulating material with high mechanical characteristics;

  • special sealing gasket with rectangular shaped section (no "O-ring") with an excellent electrical insulation and a high hydraulic seal;

  • fluid resin (usually epoxy) which fills all the empty spaces and that once cured, adheres perfectly to the metal parts by providing a significant mechanical strength.

prochind MIJ insulating joint patent

The most significant feauture is the adoption of the rectangular shaped seal and insulating gasket (patent owned) suitable to avoid the possible inconveniences of the conventional "O-ring” sealing system.

monolithic insulating joints PROCHIND
monolithic insulating joints welding test
prochind monolithic insulated joint test
insulating joints tension test


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